The Japan Petroleum Energy Center (JPEC) was established in 1986 and was reorganized as a general incorporated foundation in April, 2011. Through all these years, JPEC has been actively engaged in the development of technologies for production and utilization of petroleum as well as in the research by means of information collection and statistical analysis. These efforts of JPEC aim at helping develop the national economy and improve the quality of people’s lives. JPEC has been striving for attaining its goal by focusing on oil industry and petroleum in comprehensively promoting technological development, research, studies and information collection, so that these activities will result in an advanced energy supply system, conservation of the global environment and stable supply of energy.

At present, Japan is increasingly called on to address various issues that include the need for strengthening the national energy security, enhancing environmental measures for curbing global warming, and responding to the changing oil demand structure.

 In the light of the circumstances, JPEC continues to expand its operations on the basis of the technology development platform for oil and other energy resources. JPEC keeps working on the following:

1) Use of Petroleomics for innovative petroleum refining technology;

2) Technological development for building infrastructures for production and supply of high purity hydrogen;

3) Research on fuel utilization technologies for aiming of the resolution of technical subjects related to automobiles and fuels;

4) Collection and supply of useful information on petroleum and other energy sources.