Fuel Price

As a platform of regional or national trade associations, the MFP cannot and will not develop any forecasts on future fuel prices.

However, raising awareness of the stakeholders of the numerous options which each individual refinery may choose to adjust in response to market developments can be helpful in understanding the order of magnitude of the required changes and investments:

  • Fully integrated operation starting from crude oil

  • Primary operation: distillation to segregate different oil fractions

  • Hydrodesulphurization units remove sulphur

  • Conversion units (FCC, hydrocracker, Coker) can convert heavier streams to lighter products

  • Petroleum products characterized by their distillation range

  • Some overlap in distillation range between products
    • Refiners have some leeway to route molecules boiling in these overlapping ranges to one or another product – provided they continue to meet all product specifications
    • Refiners may adjust “cut points” in response to market evolution to optimize their operation