Implementation Measures

When IMO decided in 2016 to maintain the 2020 implementation date to introduce a 0.50% maximum sulphur level for marine fuels used around the globe, it was recognized that there would be some challenges in making this happen and it would be desirable to arrive at a uniform implementation of the requirement around the world.

For this reason, IMO’s Marine Environment protection Committee (MEPC) requested the Pollution Prevention and Response Subcommittee (PPR) to develop appropriate implementation guidelines.

PPR has assumed this task and will discuss implementation guidelines in detail at a so-called Intersessional meeting to be held in London from 9 till 13 July 2018. PPR then intends to finalize the guidelines at a meeting of the Subcommittee early 2019, with the aim of getting the guidelines approved by the Committee by the mid-2019.